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Welcome to Piazza Research! Piazza Research has been innovating in the market and social research industry for 19 years. Our research experts are at the top of their field. They range from PhD’s in marketing and branding, to communications experts, statisticians, data scientists, analysts, economists and research psychologists. We optimise the value of research and consulting services to you by providing two clever research options:


Use our XPert ™ service when you want us to conduct the entirity of your research project for you. After fully understanding your needs, we’ll do everything from research set-up, project management, data collection, analysis, reporting and strategy formulation.

  • Full end-to-end research process.
  • Our experts deal with all project aspects.
  • We work closely and communicate with you to ensure your needs are met or exceeded.
  • Provide research to ISO 20252 international best practice quality standard.
  • We match the best possible research expert(s) to your unique situation.

Use our YouDo™ service when you want to save some money and build your own team’s research capability so that you can do your own quality research in the future. We teach you how. We’ll be with you and provide our expert support during your project and for when you get stuck.

  • Training for your team on how to conduct your research process to ISO 20252 international best practice standards.
  • Obtain skills and knowledge to conduct your own projects in the future to a high quality standard. Save money.
  • Become aware of research risks and how to handle these.
  • We work with you during your first project to help you to apply your training to real-world situations.
  • Expert support and guidence throughout your project.
  • Learn to do your own qualitative OR quantitaive research projects.
  • Obtain access to our experts who can help you at any point for any project now and into the future.
  • We support your project with our resources if you need (online systems, research call centre, C.A.T.I, community panels and databases.)
  • Practical on-the–job training. So YES – you can do this even if you’re in a hurry to get your research done.

About Us

Piazza Research is powered by truth and scientific methods. For 19 years we have provided private enterprise and government nationally with expert research services. 

We choose best-in-field consultants and they come from a range of disciplines and industries.  They have high-level qualifications as well as real-world experience.  We carefully fit the best consultants from our team to your project based on their area of specialty.  Whether you need marketing and branding specialists, statisticians, data scientists, analysts, economists or research psychologists; we have them.   You will be guided through an optimal research solution for your unique business needs.

Our research resources (telephone data collection centres (CATI), online research systems, community panels and databases) will make your research project a breeze.

We’ll help you make clear evidence-based plans and important decisions as we apply the industry’s highest quality standard ISO20252.

Services and expertise


Communications, advertising and marketing research services:

  • Advertising and communications tracking and testing
  • Analysis of social trends
  • Behavioural economics and BE experiments
  • Brand positioning and strategy
  • Campaign and communications evaluation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Focus Groups (online and face-to-face)
  • Market analysis and trends
  • Public opinion polls
  • Qualitative in-depth interviews
  • Social media analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Surveys (online, telephone, field)

Customer Experience (CX), User Experience (UX), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT):

  • Community engagement and consultation
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Customer journey mapping and experience
  • Customer satisfaction, voice of-customer, Net Promoter Scores
  • Government program evaluation
  • Product development and concept testing
  • User Experience (UX) research


  • Data analysis / analytics
  • Data visualisations and interactive dashboards
  • Self-service analytics and tools
  • Statistical modelling and predictive analytics

Quality standards, professional membership and ethics

We have a formal quality system to guarantee your satisfaction.

Our research is:


Conducting research correctly is critical. Piazza Research applies the highest international quality standard to our work (ISO 20252). We are a full member of the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) and our senior consultants are members of the Australian Market & Social Research Society (AMSRS) working under the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour.

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